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About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting Xpress Protection Security Solutions!

You are here because you want to learn more about Xpress Protection Security Solutions, who we are and, perhaps, how we are different than all the other security companies in Arizona and why you should select Xpress Protection as your Security Partner.

Founder David W. Murphy

David W. Murphy

Hi, I’m David W. Murphy, founder and CEO of Xpress Protection Security.  My wife Colleen and I have lived in Scottsdale,  AZ for 22 years. I am a husband, obviously, a son, son-in-law, the father of 3 wonderful sons, a father-in-law, and grandfather of 5 awesome grandsons and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Riding my Harley is my passion outside of work, whenever we aren’t with our family. Oh, I’m also a cancer survivor!

Colleen and I founded Xpress Protection because of the passion we have always had for helping people, especially when it comes to being safe, whether it is in the home, at work, in public or on-line. My first entry into the safety world was when I was 16. I earned my Water Safety Instructors Certificate, which enabled me to teach kids and adults how to swim, and be safe in and around water. I was also a lifeguard and actually saved a woman and a young boy from drowning.

For the past 20 years I’ve been in the safety, security and protection business. I have worked for 2 of the largest companies in the field in that time. I have seen first hand how they treat employees, vendors and customers, and I know there is a better way to treat people and do business. Thus, the creation of Xpress Protection Security.

Phoenix Home Security

Hardwired controller

As security specialists, we have full access to the entire security products of industry leader Honeywell Security, as well as InterLogic (formerly GE Security), DSC, 2GIG, Eclipse and others. These products include home security systemsbusiness security systemshome automationvideo surveillance systems for home or business applications,access controlstructured wiring for voice and data and much more.

So what do we do that is different from the other guys? Many things!

1. Each member of our team – sales, install, service and office staff – must pass an annual FBI background check, drug screening and credit checks. We will not have anyone with criminal, drug or financial pressure in your home or business or have access to your information!

2. Your home and business is unique and you have specific needs and concerns. Xpress Protection Security understands that like few others. That is we ask questions, listen to your answers, and only then do we provide options that are custom designed to address your individual and specific needs, concerns and budget.

3. Our installation team has over 15 years of experience in the security alarm and video surveillance camera industry. This experience adds tremendous value to our team in developing solutions to ‘hard to fit’ needs.

4. Our goal is to put the best security system solution in your home or business that properly addresses your needs, concerns and budget. We have the flexibility and willingness to work within your budget to get you safe, secure and completely satisfied with your security solution.

Phoenix Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Phoenix

5. We offer flexible and affordable options for monitoring your home or business. We certainly offer the benefits of multiple year monitoring agreements, but we also offer 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 year agreements, as well as offering special rates for pre-payment.

6. We are a family owned business based in Scottsdale. Our focus is on helping protect people and businesses in the state of Arizona. Our employees and customers are here, and our profits stay in Arizona.

7. We support local businesses whenever possible. We use local mechanics and body shops to service our vehicles, we use independently owned hardware stores to purchase tools and supplies.

8. Our Corporate Values are also unique, and we conduct our business, every day, by following them:

  • Honesty with Clients, Vendors, and Co-Workers
  • Integrity in What We Say, Do, and How We Act
  • Respect For Every Individual
  • Trustworthiness – We Must Constantly Earn and Honor the Trust of our Clients, Vendors and Co-Worker

Our Mission Statement is to provide safety, security, and peace of mind to our clients. We do this with superior products and services, professional installation, and outstanding client care after the installation.

We sincerely appreciate the trust and confidence each and every one of our clients place in us as their Security Partner. We look forward to working with you to design a custom security solution for your home or business and to becoming your Security Partner too.

Phone: 480-213-7856 | E-mail: info@xpressprotection.com

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